Saturday, August 4, 2012

Figurines, "Skeleton"

This weekend, Vintage Vinyl is having a buy 2, get 1 free sale on our $3.99 used compact discs.

To celebrate, we'll be skimming the bins and posting about some of the gems to be found.

From 2006, here's Figurine's Skeleton:

Simon Jones wrote, reviewing Skeleton's UK release, on the Progressive-Sounds blog:
File this raw, honest and infectious album next to the debut efforts from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and former touring mates Cold War Kids and Tapes ´N Tapes. Despite the difference in geography, this Danish four-piece operate in the same musical landscape. Listen carefully and you´ll also hear shades of Modest Mouse, Violent Femmes, Pavement and The Strokes jostling beneath Christian´s Neil Young-minus-the-ennui vocals. The common strand between them all is great songcraft and raw energy -- Figurines have both in spades.

The nucleus of Figurines –- Claus Salling Johansen (guitars), Christian Hjelm(vocals) and former member Andreas Toft (bass) - grew up together in northern Denmark. Like so many small-town bands, they began making music because there was simply nothing else to do. Before long, they hit on a winning sound and released a debut EP in 2001.

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